English User Guide

TO SET GROUP LANGUAGE [English/Spanish/French]
From home screen > select account manager > go to language settings > select the default group language > select update.

TO SET TEAM LANGUAGE [English/Spanish]
From home screen > Select prefered language icon. 

From home screen > Account Manager > Manage Team Credentials, select team number> update team credentials > manually set user ID and password for each team > submit.

From home screen > Account Manager, under add new members, select user type: Admin (full access) or User (limited to prospects list) > Enter name and email of members >select team assigned > select add member. When account type is selected as Admin, assign to team will be disabled.

From home screen > Account Manager, Manage Members Section:

Edit – Highlight the user credentials you wish to adjust > select edit > adjust user type, member name, member email, or team > submit.

Search – Find member by name search.

Delete – Remove member and credentials.

Fetch Email – Display email address attached to member.

Email Credentials – Send member credentials to email on account.

Home – Return to home screen.

Add > enter name > submit > enter details for guest attendees > submit.

Resubmit Guest Details > select name of guest from list of attendees > resubmit current: The guest will be posted as attending on the date of resubmission of details.

Edit – adjusts guest details: Guest Details – views guests details > Filter by Name – searches for guests by name.

Filter by Period – shows all guests registered on selected dates.Disable Filter – returns the guest registry database to default status.

Export to Card Processor – sends data for selected guest to card processor for assignment of prospect data to prospect care teams or holding lists for distribution at a later date.

Print – print current page from a computer.

Delete – permanently erase guest data from registry.

Refresh – Displays the latest data in the guest registry database.

Web Form Registration – Home > Guest Registry > Options > External Registration > Copy the link: submit link and token ID to guests to allow guests to register online. The admin token number is used by receptionists to ensure the prospect data is sent to specific guest registry.

Quickly and efficiently sort prospect data into selected groups.

Check – Prospect data may be checked (Telephone or Name) to see if record is in database. If data is found – card processor will indicate which team has been assigned to care for the prospect.

Matching prospect data found in the database can be easily reassigned to designated Bible counselor team or evangelistic units – with the option to modify the prospect’s decision while processing.  This eliminates the need tospend time in meetings to reassign prospect data to designated teams.

The card processor also reduces the probability of a matching name and telephone number to be posted to more than one team, thus elimination any confusion about which care team has been assigned to address prospect response. Each time prospect data is filtered to a care team, the data is also stored in the database section of the application software.

If a name + telephone in the database has been marked as a member, the cards processor will not allow you to post that person matching name and telephone number as a new prospect (error message will indicate the person with matching number is a member). Thus, the card processor will help you to filter members from prospects.

Post New Prospects to Team – sends prospect data from card processor directly to selected Bible counselor team or evangelistic small groups.

Post to Holding List – sends prospect data to a holding list that may be used to quickly and efficiently distribute prospects data to Bible counselor teams or evangelist units.

Card processor allows the following data to be entered into database and prospect list:

Other Details
Team Number

Team Selector – used to select which team to be assigned prospect data.

Reset – removes all data from card processor.

Home – returns to the home screen.

Holding list provides temporary storage for prospect data until data is distributed to prospects care teams for follow up service. Holding list shows by default – Date, name, telephone number and other details of each prospect.  The holding list section of the application allows for the following functions to be executed:

Submit to Prospects – moves prospect data permanently to a  selected prospect care team.

When submit to Prospect is selected – a prospect care team selector pops up and allows users to select which team the data is to be assigned to.

Address – shows prospect country and city/province as posted in card processor. No house number or street address is to be posted.

Decision – shows the decisions prospects indicated on their decision cards or response forms.

Today View – Shows all prospect data processed during the last day of processing.

Filter by name – allows users to search for prospect data by name.

Filter by date – allows users to highlight all prospect data processed on a particular date.

Disable all filters – returns the database to default view after a filter was used.

Name and Telephone – allows users to view/edit prospect’s name and telephone number.

Mark as Member – allows users to remove members from holding list so users can focus on prospects only.  When a name and telephone number is marked as member, a memory file is created which allows card processor to block, in the future, the processing of that matching name and telephone number to prospect list.

Print – allows users to  print current page from a computer.

Home – returns users to home page.

Database of all persons assigned to a prospect care teams along with corresponding data.  The number of Prospect Teams available depends on the number of licenses subscribed. Data is sent to prospect teams in real time from the card processor via the internet.

Admin members have access to all the data in all prospect teams while users have access only to the data assigned to a specific team for which he/she has been given log in credentials.

By default, admin prospects list shows the aggregate number of prospects found (records of all persons who responded via a card or online) in all prospects lists, aggregate of prospects signed for baptism, aggregate of prospects baptized and aggregate of records found (how many response cards have been received by the campaign team).

The above statistics are available on a team by team basis. To view statistics by team, go to prospects, options, select filter by team, enter team number.

The List of Prospects provides the following features/functions:

Refresh – displays the most recent data on prospects.

Name and Address – displays and allows for editing of prospect name and telephone number.

Address – displays prospect address.

Decision – displays decisions made by prospect during the series.

Appointments – Appointments with prospect (set by care team).

Other Details – displays relevant instructions or additional details about prospect.

Notes – Prospect care team creates notes for future reference and for information from admin and support staff.

Mark as Priority – Allows prospect care teams to prioritize prospect visits (unmark is reversal of mark as priority).

Filter by priority – Displays all prospects marked as priority attention.

Filter by date – view prospects record by date.

Filter by  team – view prospect data by teams (admin only).

Re-Assign – allows admin to reassign prospects data from one team to another.

Mark as member – allows teams and admin to filter members from  prospects list while creating memory file to prevent that data from being posted to prospect list in the future.

Delete – allows permanent removal of data from database.

Mark as Signed – allows prospect care teams to indicate all the prospects who have signed baptismal pledge cards.

Mark as not signed – allows prospect care teams to indicate that a prospect has not signed a baptismal pledge card.

Mark as Baptized – Allows admin to indicate which prospects have been baptized.

Mark as Not Baptized – allows admin to indicate that a prospect has not been baptised.

Assigned to – shows which prospect care team is engaging the selected prospect.

Print – allows for printing off the current page from a computer.

Home – returns the user to the home page.

Allows for the listing of baptized members for spiritual support and nurturing.

Filter by Name – Searches database for selected name.

Disable all Filters – returns the database to default view.

Print – allows for the printing of current page from a computer.

Delete – allows for permanent removal of data from database.

Home – Returns user to home page.

Online Responses – This feature allows subscribers to use web forms that facilitate online audience responses.

Home > Online Response: Copy link on the online response page and send to prospects or place the link on your website along with Web Form ID number for audience response while live streaming an event.

This link along with the designated web ID (found under step 2 on the online response plug-in) allows prospects responses to flow directly into the Sortt Padd online responses database for each church.

To View Online Responses > Open Plug-in > select Online Responses > select View Received Responses.

The online response page displays date, name, response and questions.  Additional details of each responder may be ascertained by selecting other contact or church information.

Filter by Date – shows all responses on particular dates.

Exclude Members – displays the names of persons who did not indicate that they are church members.

Disable All Filters – returns the online response page to default view after a filter was selected.

Export to card processor – Allows admin to quickly and easily move data from online responders to card processor for assignment to prospect care teams.

Delete – removes selected online responder data permanently.

Delete All – removes all online response data permanently.

The online quiz form allows for the setting of 5 true or false questions and answers to the questions.

Home > Online Quiz. Upon submitting the questions and answers, admin may send quiz link and Web Form ID number to participants via various online media.

The Web  ID number is to be submitted along with the link that allows users to answer quiz questions online.

The results of the online quiz are immediately available to each participant who completes the quiz and submits it online.

Select View Submitted Answers to display a list of online quiz participants.  This list is set by default to date order.

The list may be arranged by higher scores by selecting Sort by Score.

Disable All filters – returns the list to default view after a filter was selected.

Delete – permanent removes selected data.

Campaign Statistics provides analytical tools to track the performance of working groups and to assess prospects and audience statistics in aggregate. No identifiable individual’s attendance pattern is shown in Campaign Statistics.

Use the team selector to view the performance of each team.

View Team Members: to see the names of the persons who have been assigned to each team.

Non Performing Teams show all the teams that have been not been assigned any data or performed any tasks.

Actual Group Performance is the percentage of the total number of groups licensed that have been actively engaged in mission.

Prospects Stats – Enter dates in sections designated: From and To.  Then select Analyze in order to view various statistics related to prospects on record.

Selected period performance indicates what segments of the selected period that teams were in active service.

Audience Stats – Enter dates in sections designated: From and To.  Then select Analyze in order to view various statistics related to audience stats.