Unions of Mexico Region

The Unions of Mexico comprise the North Mexican Union, Central Mexican Union, Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union, Chiapas Mexican Union, and the South Mexican Union.

We are a territory of great diversity in terms of the people, culture and methods of reaching other for Jesus. This region of the Inter-American Division is home to over 127 million people. The official language is Spanish and we speak many dialects, including Nahuati, Maya, Mixtec, among many others.

The Unions of Mexico comprises a membership of 206,500 persons who worship in 3,046 churches and companies across the country.

We celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Churches and joyful join with the 3,835,017 across the Division territory to reach 100,000 persons with the Gospel of Jesus and His Saving Grace during the year 2022.