IAD Centennial Year – 2022

Unions of Mexico: Campaign Execution


Every Union within the region will establish a Centennial Year Mission Outreach Committee. This committee includes the IAD’s Regional Evangelism Coordinator, the Administrators, Assistant to the Presidents for Evangelism, the Personal Ministries Directors of the Union and Conferences within the Union territory. The Union should also determine the size of the committee, which should include at least four pastors with extensive mission experience and a minimum of 5 lay members (ideally, male and female).

Each union should form a sub-committee from the steering committee (may include up to 5 persons who are not a part of the steering committee) that focuses on campaign execution with a view of integrating its approaches seamlessly with the field preparation phase and subsequently, the retention phase after the campaigns.

This Union field campaign execution sub-committee shall appoint a chair and a secretary. Both the chair and secretary of each campaign preparation sub-committee will for a part of the Regional umbrella campaign preparation sub-committee that will focus extensively on executing the reaping campaigns with great efficiency and effectiveness within the Mexican region.

The Union Campaign Execution Sub-committee Chair and Secretary will be ex-officio members of the campaign preparation sub-committees of each conference within the Union territory.

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The goal of the Unions of Mexico Region is to baptize 100,000 new members during the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventist’s Centennial Year Celebration – 2022.

Aggregate Baptismal Report as at February 2022

North Mexican 25,000251110.2 %
Central Mexican Union11,000220020.0 %
South Mexican Union19,0009,00045.0 %
Chiapas Mexican Union20,00010,00250.0 %
Inter-Oceanic Mexican Union35,00020,00063.0 5
Total Regional Baptism100,00043,71143.7 %