Centennial Gospel Caravan
July 3-23, 2022

Person coordinating the movement of the Gospel Caravan from one area to another within the Union territory.

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This IAD Gospel Caravan initiative is about celebrating our centenary milestone while impacting our communities for Christ by bringing the Bible and its message of love to territories within our Division where there is no established Seventh-day Adventist presence.

The initiate will begin on July 3, 2022 and culminate on July 23, 2022. All Unions across our Division Territory are invited to participate in this event.

1.  To model Christ’s method of mingling with people in the communities 

2. To impact the residents of at least 100 new areas within the territory of Inter-America with the social dimension of the gospel  

3. To engage members of the Church in addressing targeted social needs of residents in these unentered territories of the Division 

4. To present a positive image of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to residents of these      communities.

5. To reinforce the ministries that pioneered Adventism in the IAD territory

1. Initiation: Virtually, the Torch arrives overnight to the territory.

2. The Grand March: The uniformed groups arrive in the community marching along the designated route.

3. The Grand Parade: The march ends at the designated location where church and civic leaders along with community members are assembled awaiting the arrival of the Gospel Torch.

4. Arrival of Torch: A group of youth run to the front of the parade with the Mission Torch, salute the leaders and hand it to the designated church leader.

5. The Mission Drill: The uniformed group performed a special drill. 

6. Invocation: Invitation of the guidance and direction of the Lord.

7. Greetings: Designated church and civic leaders.

8. Program Updates: Announcement of the activities for the day.

9. Parade dismissal: The parade ends and mission leaders and volunteers assume their duties for the day.

10. Caravan Leaders: Health, Publishing, Education, Technology and community projects give leadership to their designated program for the day.

11. Caravan Volunteers: Work along with the leaders to provide service to the residents of the community for the designated duration.

12. Closing Ceremony: At the end of the day’s activities, the parade reassembles. Expressions of gratitude given, the Torch handed back to the  youth, the closing prayer.

13. Pass it On: The Youth run out of the parade with the torch to pass it on to another community

1. Health expos – screen patients

2. Do health lectures

3. Children in uniform from SDA schools doing activities 

4. Gospel concert (school children could do this)

5. University students doing activities or providing services

based on their areas of training

6. Distribution of Adventist publications

7. Relevant community projects; example – beautifications, building renovations etc.

8. Intellipaper (technology)

9. Prayer walks (praying for people in their homes or business places, etc.

10.  Counsel students in the schools and make presentations to them on relevant topics.

11.  Visit homes of children and elderlies (if applicable)

12. Others

13. Others

14. Others

1.         Mexican

2.         Central American and Dominican Republic 

3.         English speaking 

4.         French speaking 

5.         Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba and Puerto Rico


Balvin Braham             Chair

Samuel Telemaque      Adventist Mission consultant

Faye Patterson             Mexican region coordinator         

Hiram Ruiz                  Central American and Dominican Republic


Al Powell                     English region coordinator

Franck Geneus             French region coordinator

Isaías Espinoza            Venezuela, Colombia, Cuban and Puerto Rico 


 Osman Longa              Technology coordinator


 i.    Plan the details for the caravan to be executed in each of the territories. 

ii.   Give leadership to the activity.

iii.  Determine how the budget will be used for the initiative.

iv.   Coordinate and assist in the preparation of materials and resources for the execution of the initiative.

 v.    Evaluate the effectiveness of the execution of the initiative.

 vi.   Report to the organizing committee as deemed necessary

Regional Planning sub-committee members

1.         The Division coordinator

2.         Publishing director

3.         Health Ministries director

4.         Education director

5.         Projects coordinator

6.         Youth director

7.         PCM director

8.         Prayer coordinator

9.         Communication director

10.       Logistics coordinator

11.       Transportation coordinator

12.       Promotions/marketing coordinator

13.       Pastors closest to each territory

1.  Determine the number of sites for the region 

2.  Projects to be done in your region

3.  Budget

4.  How to finance the budget

5.  Caravan Leaders

5.  Caravan Volunteers

7.  Transportation

8.  Identification of each site

9.  Photographs

10. Video production

11.  Preparation of Reports for the closing date – July 23, 2022

12.  Follow up after the Caravan

13.  Others

14.  Others