Aims and General Overview

  1. 1. To inspire every member to seek God earnestly in prayer daily Bible Studies
  2. 2. To encourage every member to respond to the call of God by saying “I Will Go”
  3. 3. To train and involve every member in ongoing witnessing for Jesus

Genera Overview

This strategic plan of the Inter-American Division is based on numerous studies conducted by the General Conference and the Inter-American Division and based on biblical and Spirit of Prophecy foundations. I Will Go – Inter-America involves inspiring and equipping all church members to use their God-given spiritual gifts in witness and service for Christ to reach all peoples in the territory and influence them to accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

“The home missionary work will be farther advanced in every way when a more liberal, self-denying, self-sacrificing spirit is manifested for the prosperity of foreign missions; for the prosperity of the home work depends largely, under God, upon the reflex influence of the evangelical work done in countries afar off. It is in working actively to supply the necessities of the cause of God that we bring our souls in touch with the Source of all power.” —Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church 6:27. I Will Go – Inter-America offers something for the entire organization — local churches, missions, conferences, unions, the division and institutions. It’s a tool to help the Church become more focused and effective in performing critical tasks. Ultimately, this plan provides avenues to help us, as Seventh-day Adventists, grow spiritually and become more effective in our mission to the world.

Who should go?

Every administrator, every pastor, every elder, every leader, every member, every family, every small group, …

To whom should we go?

To our family members, to our friends, to our neighbours, to disaffected members, to our co-workers, to our classmates, to strangers, to the happy, to the distressed, to the healthy, to the sick, to the rich, to the poor, to youth, children, millennials, leaders of our society, to leaders of our country…

Where should we go?

Online, to social media, to our neighbourhoods, to adjoining communities, to the big cities, to small towns and counties, to classrooms, to boardrooms, to public gatherings, …

Why should we go?

Because we encounter God daily through devotional life and He calls us and commissions us to share His love with others every day.

When should we go?

Now is the time to go, now is the time to reach and rescue, now is the time lead others to Jesus, by night or by day…