• Established in many locations
• Local Radio and Television
• Peculiar Biblical Message
• Expertise and experience with evangelism
• Educated clergy and members
• Large number of multi-talented members
• Large and savvy youth demographic
• Strong and stable financial system


• Public relations/late advertising for public campaigns
• Appeals in evangelistic sermons need to be more diverse and effective
• Unskilled in digital evangelism
• Distracted from mission by the drive for gain and too many competing activities
• Not targeting specific groups and areas, overworking others
• Some poorly planned and executed evangelistic efforts
• Need more diversity in style, speakers, methods and production

• Poor selection of resource personnel to reach diverse target audiences
• Poor resource allocation and location selection
• Lack of synergy among congregations, competitive rather than supportive
• Disaffection among members for our methods of evangelism
• Compromising standards to gain results
• Inadequate preparation of baptismal candidates
• Failing to pass on Adventist traditions to subsequent generations


• Booming online mission opportunities

• Non-Adventists attending our school
• Favourability to Cayman Academy
• Access to political electorate
• Growing population
• Diverse ethnicities
• Exposure to Health foods and literature (ABNC)
• To expand media
• People of influence in key positions of power


• COVID 19 and further lockdown orders

• The fear factor to engage others

• Legislations that conflict with our values.
• Growing secularism and Post-Christian Ideology
• Information overload that make it hard to get attention
• Modernity/change
• Apathy among our youth
• Stereotyping/labelling
• Work permit and rollover policy

• Issue getting Sabbath off


• The Covid 19 pandemic has forced a shift towards online engagements.

• Online attention is difficult to keep

• The market place is flooded with options
• People are timid to respond to altar calls because of fear of baptism pressures.
• Ratio of attendance to baptisms is declining.
• Independently determining how to use tithe and offering and mission giving.
• Growing tendency to a free faith movement (not part of organized organization)
• Religious media/Online worship rather than attending church.
• Musical selection based on popularity.
• Dress – leaders are dressing more like their members (less suit and tie)
• Shorter attention span of people.
• Erosion of faith in an information driven age.


• Online will become major evangelistic platform

• There will be growing competition from offshoots

• Deteriorating moral conditions of the world will give way to a new search for hope and moral certainty.
• 5G technology (video content, streaming, remote contact) Implications for evangelism in the next 3 to 5 years.
• Copyright laws and legislation that will force us to produce local content.
• Projected power of hate speech advocates – shutting down free speech of preaching.
• People will become less willing to volunteer their highly, skilled services.